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The Cream to Help You Age Well!
Gorgeous Skin with Face Whisperer® Day Cream: Boosts Collagen, Relaxes Wrinkles with Natural "Botox" & Hydrates Older Skin Beautifully.
You Will Love This Product AND All Our Products Or Your Money Back!  It's Our Sublime Guarantee.
  • Sublime Beauty® focuses on Skin Health, and Products that Help You Look Your Best
  • We are all about Aging Well.  We don't advocate trying to look 19 again.  But we want every woman to have healthy skin and to look as beautiful as she feels inside.
  • I am the founder of Sublime Beauty and of this cream,  a 60 year old baby boomer. I know how we feel, and what we want our skin to look like for ourselves and to the outside world.
  • This is the Sublime Beauty Signature Moisturizer and it's nicknamed "The Dream Cream". It is very popular, and for good reason!

Why is Face Whisperer® Day Cream Nicknamed "the Dream Cream"?

* A Main Ingredient is Argireline (at maximum 10% recommended amount), Known as the Natural Botox.  It relaxes your wrinkles.

* Trylagen, a Peptide Compound, Boosts and Protects Collagen. This is essential for smooth, healthy skin - we lose collagen as we age, and this helps to build it back.

* Many Botanicals Naturally Hydrate Your Skin. These include Sweet Almond, Cucumber, Carrot Extract, Aloe, Avocado & Linden Tree.


These 3 Powerful Actions (Relax Wrinkles, Boost Collagen and Moisturize Well) Will Work for You!

  • Face Whisperer® is Easy to Use, Gentle for Sensitive Skin Yet Effective for Dry or Aging Skin. 
  • Differences Can Be Seen in 30-45 Days - up to 40% relaxation.
  • The photo to the right was part of a clinical study on Argireline by Lipotec. It shows diminishment of lines in 30 days with twice daily applications of Argireline at 10% (same as in Face Whisperer®).
  • Similar tests have been conducted with Trylagen showing nice results in the improvement of collagen production and smoother skin.
1) The Face Whisperer® Day Cream should be applied to clean skin.
2) Apply it AFTER any serums you may use.  Remember, when applying skincare, go from lighter to thicker.
3) A little goes a long way!
4) Let it absorb before you apply any makeup.
5) Many Sublime clients use this both day AND night - i.e. twice daily for better action on wrinkles.
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The Face Whisperer® LineA short music video...we love the music!

Here are summaries of just a few of the most recent reviews  about the Face Whisperer® Day Cream.

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The key points about the Face Whisperer® Day Cream:

*  Generous Amount of Product in High Quality Jar
*  Performing Ingredients
*  Light to the touch, Absorbs Easily
*  Improves Skin Health
*  Reduces Lines and Wrinkles Over a Month and forward
* 100% Moneyback Guarantee if dissatisfied

This cream will NOT erase all lines and wrinkles. It will reduce and relax them while helping to increase collagen production for smoother skin. You will look healthier and younger aftera month, and you skin WILL be healthier with good hydration and peptides to help it.

Don't forget,  the Face Whisperer® Day Cream is a risk-free purchase.  We offer a 100% guarantee return policy (whether purchased on Amazon or our Webstore). 
We are sure you are going to this cream, but take comfort in the guarantee!
I use Face Whisperer® twice daily, and simply love it.  I am so happy to rely on such a great tool for my skin. I am a 60 year old baby boomer, and need help to keep the collagen boosted and wrinkles relaxed.
Reach out if you have any questions!
Kathy Heshelow, founder
Sublime Beauty®