All of Us Want Beautiful Healthy Skin, at Any Age. It Takes on More Importance as We Age and Skin Needs More Help, Care and Attention.

    Here are our top 7 tips for healthy skin care:


    1] As you age, make sure you are BOOSTING COLLAGEN! Collagen is plentiful when younger, but the quantities are lost each year, and Collagen holds up skin from below. With less of it, wrinkles, lines, thinning and sagging occur.

    Boost collagen with peptides like Matrixyl (first used in the medical world for burn repair of skin), found in our Collagen Serum and Ageless Serums; or Trylagen, found in our Face Whisperer Day cream; use highly effective Stem Cells found in our Cell Renewal serum that instruct the fibroblasts in skin to create more Collagen; Retinol at night, which encourages collagen production (our Retinol also includes the valuable antioxidant Vitamin C).

    Note: products mentioned in this article are found at the bottom of the page from our webstore.


    Healthy Woman with Natural Make-up

    2] Be sure you are moisturizing and hydrating well. Skin tends to become dryer as we age, but all skins suffer in cooler weather (cold, dry air outside and overheated air inside).  Moisturizers like Face Whisperer Day or all-natural oils do wonders for skin (like our pure oils).

    If you skin is especially dry, use a Hyaluronic serum. Hyaluronic acid holds up to 1000 times its weight in water, and will help plump and hold moisture.

    3] Pamper yourself with an occasional luxury mask!  We are in love with the spa-quality Collagen Anti-oxidant Mask. It not only pulls out toxins but puts collagen and vitamins in, and plumps with safflower, aloe and cucumber while soothing skin.

     collagen mask from Sublime Beauty

    4] Be sure to lightly exfoliate at least once weekly. As we age, dead skin and cells are less able to “throw themselves free” and skin can become clogged and dull.  Light Face Brushing will also encourage circulation and move the lymphatic system.  (Body Brushing is divine and can be done daily; while Face Brushing can be done 1-2 times weekly unless you have oily skin, then more often!)

    REtinol serum and older model5] Note that nightly Retinol will also lightly exfoliate skin, help heal sun damage and encourage collagen production (among many other benefits). Dermatologists most often recommend Retinol as a standard for skincare.


    6] Be sure you are drinking lots of water; if you can work some natural Smoothies into your diet, they will help nourish your skin and body well!

    7] Stress wreaks havoc on your skin, wellness and beauty.  If you are stressed (and who isn’t at some point), try adding some quiet meditation daily to calm the stress; try our ZEN DE-STRESS ESSENTIAL OILS; and if you are not already doing so, add some exercise to your daily routine.  Another great “stress-buster” is Dry Skin Brushing (plus skin is exfoliated, the lymphatic system is assisted, and all sorts of good things come with it.)

     meditation to relax

    Create your own simplified but steady routine to boost collagen, moisturizer, pamper and nourish from within and your skin will show its thanks.




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