Sublime Beauty® and Sublime Beauty NATURALS® were founded by Kathy Heshelow.Sublime-Skin.2

She says:

“I was lucky enough to live in Paris, France for 16 years.  I learned great skin care secrets and observed practices among French and European women and try to bring this to Sublime Beauty®!”


“I am a baby-boomer who recently turned 60, and go through all of the skin aging and skin health issues that many of you do (or will!)

My attitude, like the French, is to use products and techniques (like peptides to boost collagen, masks to nurture and Skin Brushing for wellness) rather that surgery.

I love spa treatments, daily rituals and caring for the underlying issues of skin.  With a good attitude to age well and feel good really shines through.”


“When I formed Sublime Beauty®, I met with manufacturers and scientists and researched ingredients as well as best practices in the field. The Sublime Beauty® products focus on supporting and building healthy vibrant skin.  Many of the products are also pre-emptive, perfect for those in their 30s who are thinking ahead!”


Enjoy our site, and we also have a webstore with Free Standard Shipping and a VIP  Club (we love great customer service and I treat you like I would want to be treated!)   Everything is also on Amazon, by the way, if you are addicted to 2 day Prime shipping!


Reach out if you have any questions!

– Kathy Heshelow, founder


Kathy has always been involved in business (she has had a commercial real estate firm for over 17 years, has written and published books on technical subjects, and was in the securities arena for a number of years.) Since 2017, she is actively writing wellness books, which can be seen here.

In addition to Sublime Beauty®, she founded Sublime Beauty NATURALS®, a company for wellness and beauty that offers USDA Certified Organic and pure products, with a focus on essential oils.  She lives in Florida with her husband and canines!


The philosophy behind Sublime Beauty™ is found here.


Contact information:

Kathy Heshelow
11125 Park Boulevard, #104-103
Seminole, FL 33772
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