• Classic Staple: Face Whisperer® Day Cream

    The Face Whisperer® Day Cream is our Classic Staple at Sublime Beauty® for Healthy Skin.

    Our goal is for you to have gorgeous, glowing, moisturized skin.

    This cream moisturizes beautifully with botanicals such as Sweet Almond, Aloe, Cucumber, Carrot Extract, Ginseng and Linden Tree.  It is not sticky or thick – it is cool to the touch and absorbs well.  It is great for normal, dry, aging and sensitive skin.

    face whisperer day cream v2

    Face Whisperer® Day also relaxes lines and wrinkles with Argireline, known as the “natural botox”. It can relax up to 40% in a month if used twice daily.

    (Hint: many use this for both their DAY and NIGHT cream!)  If wrinkles are an issue, it can make sense to do this. Argireline is at 10%, the maximum amount recommended by the manufacturer. (Argireline was developed in France.)

    The cream includes an important peptide compound, Trylagen, which not only boosts Collagen but protects is.  This is essential for skin from the 30s and up. Collagen production slows each year, and with less Collagen, more wrinkles, lines and sagging occurs.

    Younger women like it because it moisturizes well and is pre-emptive.

    Active old women love it for all it does (relaxes wrinkles, boosts collagen, moisturizes).  We love it because it is in the French spirit of caring for skin properly.

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