• Time to Condition Your Skin for Fall and Winter!

    Skin will go through transitions with the change of seasons. Let’s help it!

    It’s time to smooth out the summer damage, pull out toxins, nourish and get your skin ready for fall!

    collagen mask from Sublime BeautyOne of our favorite products for this is the LUXURY ANTI-OXIDANT COLLAGEN MASK!

    (I confess I am addicted!)  It is SPA-QUALITY, smells great and feels luxurious, smooth and rich on skin.

    It is ideal for Normal Dry and Aging Skin.  Oily skin girls are not really suited, but we have a product for you too (see below!)

    The luxury mask gives you some pampering time – you can use it in 10 to 15 minutes!  It is easy:

    • cleanse skin
    • apply the mask in a nice layer all over your face and neck
    • let it sit for 10-15 minutes to do its thing!

    collagen mask sublime beautyI love to use the time on Saturday or Sunday morning to listen to spa music, meditate or Skin Brush my body while the mask does its magic.

    To finish: The mask will not harden.  When your time is up, use a damp washcloth to lightly wipe off the mask, then rinse with cool water.


    Ingredients include French White Clay to pull those toxins out of your skin; Collagen to soften and give it a boost of love; Aloe, Cucumber, Chamomille, Safflower and more to nurture, calm and hydrate; Vitamin E as a wonderful anti-oxidant.

    The lovely mask is available on Amazon here, or on our webstore below:

    Oily Skin?  Then our Oil Control mask is for you!

    It tamps down oil, cleanses pores and keeps your skin clear yet nurtures skin.  Sulfur is at 10%; while jojoba, eucalyptus, and chamomille will be sure to care for your skin.

    This mask was featured as a prime mask for Oily Skin treatment in Prevention magazine!

    Find it on Amazon here, or at our webstore here:

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