• Create a Flawless Base with Ageless Rapid Serum

    Create a flawless base for dramatic makeup and beautiful skin!

    Ageless Rapid Serum and flawless skin

    The Ageless Rapid Tightener will smooth and tighten skin fast, helping to blur over lines.  Sesaflash is the the tightening agent, derived from sesame seeds!


    But the serum also has important long-term skin health ingredients:  Matrixyl, a peptide that helps to step up collagen products, and Renovage, which lengthens skin life as well as reduce the 8 signs of aging!


    Be sure to apply the Ageless Rapid Tightener to cleansed dry skin and let it absorb fully before putting make up on, or there could be flaking.


    The popular serum is available on Amazon here:

    or on our Webstore here.


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