The Face Whisperer® line: Quality Anti-Aging Products to Age Well!

This is our Signature Line at Sublime Beauty® It includes the Face Whisperer® Day Cream, Face Whisperer® Night Cream, Face Whisperer® Neck & Decollete Cream and the Face Whisperer® Advanced Eye Gel.

face whisperer day cream v2

The line was developed to:

1) Reduce Wrinkles

2) Boost Collagen

3) Moisturize & Hydrate

4) Sooth & Heal (including dark circles & bags under eyes)

5) Improve Skin Health & Well-Being


What are the products all about? How do they help us to Age Well and Vibrantly?

Founder Kathy Heshelow holds 2 Face Whisperer Jars.

The Day Cream features Argireline®, known as the natural botox, which reduces wrinkles by 40% in the first month with daily use. The cream also features ingredients to boost and protect collagen. Great ingredients like aloe, carrot extract and cucumber sooth and hydrate.

The Night Cream features the peptide Matrixyl® , which can double collagen production along with other beneficial ingredients.

We have a page on this site devoted to these ingredients!

The Neck & Decollete Cream also contains Argireline® plus many soothing  ingredients to care for the fragile skin of the neck and decollete. This includes Aloe, Coconut Oil, Green Tea, Arnica, Lemongrass and more.  The neck shows age quickly and should not be neglected!


Argireline® Before and After

Argireline Before and After from MAKER










Face Whisperer Eye WinkAdvanced Eye Gel in the Face Whisperer Family!

The exciting  Face Whisperer® Advanced Eye Gel features Matrixyl®, Eyeliss® and Haloxyl® , all performing ingredients developed in France. These ingredients reduce dark circles, reduce bags and puffiness, and decrease fine lines and wrinkles. All are clinically tested and high quality ingredients that show results with daily use.

We have a new product brochure all about these ingredients found on the SublimeBeautyShop product page!


Here are Before & After photos from the clinical tests:


Matrixyl before and after pic 1


This photo demonstrates tests on Matrixyl® at 3% (same as our serum) in 1 month.

Haloxyl-pic-before and after300x240

This photo demonstrates tests on Haloxyl® at 2% (same as our serum) after a month.




eyeliss Before and After photo

This photo demonstrates clinical tests with Eyeliss® at 3% (same as our serum) after a month.







A New Video “LIVING WELL WITH LISA” Highlights the Face Whisperer Day Cream and 2 Serums


This Spot Aired on NewsWatch TV, a morning consumer program on the History and Biography Channels. They covered the new Eye Gel!