• ‘Aging Younger” is the Theme at Sublime Beauty®

    shopify logo coupleProducts that help you look and feel younger and healthier – that is what Sublime Beauty® focuses on. The theme and by-line the company is “Aging Younger”.

    “Many of our products help your skin replenish itself naturally with elements that are lost with age and time,” says Kathy Heshelow, founder of Sublime Beauty®. “As we age, our collagen levels diminish, along with ceramides, hyaluronic acid and others. This is a major cause of wrinkles, thinning and sagging.”

    Our strategy is to use ingredients that boost collagen levels – ingredients like Matrixyl®, a peptide that can double collagen production, or human conditioned fibroblast media, stem cells that tell the skin to product collagen. Trylagen® not only helps increase collagen synthesis but also protects it.

    Other key ingredients at Sublime Beauty® include Argireline®, known as the natural botox and Renovage®, an amazing formula that reduces the 8 signs of aging.  Of course, all ingredients include great ingredients for hydration and moisture.

    “We also believe that the strategy should be to improve skin from the inside-out as well as outside-in to ‘Age Younger’,” says Heshelow. “We are introducing amazing Phytoceramides next week for this purpose. Our skin is made up of 40% ceramides, responsible for skin moisture, plumpness and more. It diminishes with age, and the natural Phytoceramide pills deliver what is needed to the skin naturally.  Dr. Oz highlighted Phytoceramides recently, and we did a great study of them before deciding to add them to the Sublime Beauty® line.”


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