• Anti-Aging At Its Best with Phytoceramides

    Beauty with PhytoceramidesPhytoceramides are taking the anti-aging world by storm. Improving skin quality is as easy as one capsule per day.

    “Aging Younger” at Sublime Beauty® has just added a new winning strategy: Phytoceramides.

    Sublime Beauty® clients can go to the next level of anti-aging skin care with this natural product.

    Phytoceramides are natural plant-based ceramides (identical to human ceramides) that replenish the supply in aging skin. Ceramides make up 40% of younger skin, crucial for moisture-retention, plumpness and barrier protection. They diminish with age like collagen, and this is a major contributing factor to wrinkles, lines, thinning and sagging of skin.

    “We offer a 6 page brochure to get you educated about the important facts,” says Kathy Heshelow, founder of Sublime Beauty®. “You can sign up here (which also gets you our secret deal information monthly), or download it from the Phytoceramide product page.”

    Read more on the new Phytoceramides here.

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