Most of Us Want Clear Fresh Skin, Right? We Have a Serum That Will Help!

    The Magic is in the Glycolic | Salicylic Serum!

    Beautiful women in the towel on his head after, wash hair1) First, if you have oily skin or combination skin with that pesky T-Zone, you can use this serum daily! It will tamp down oil, keep pores clear and refined, kill bacteria yet sooth skin. I have normal to dry skin, but get an oily nose and chin – I love to use the serum on those targeted areas and it works wonders!

    2) Now, if you have dry, normal or aging skin, the Glycolic | Salicylic Serum is an anti-aging dream. Use it 1-2 times weekly only. It will help refine pores, gently exfoliate skin to reveal fresh skin, and smooth it. Many spas use a Glycolic treatment, so you can bring the same kind of treatment right to your home in an easy to use way!

    The serum is clear and feels nice – and it’s easy to use in an airless pump which also keeps the serum protected and away from bacteria.

    You can get it on the Sublime webstore (free standard shipping, VIP Club points!) by clicking through below, or you can also find it on Amazon here.

    Enjoy your freshly minted skin!

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