Summer is here, and it’s time to look at fresh summer skin recommendations.

    34 collagen in hand#1] Go Lighter on Products During the Day!

    We love the light and airy Collagen Peptide Serum!  It boosts collagen with Matrixyl and moisturizes with aloe, and works well under sunscreen.

    #2] Gently Exfoliate Face and Body to Keep it Fresh!

    Everyone loves the Fresh Citrus Scrub (clients describe it as “yummy” and so do we!)  Several times per week is ideal for dry to normal skin; five times per week is ideal for oily skin!

    Skin Brushing Courtesy Getty picDry Skin Brush the body to keep it fresh and buffed! Our brush was featured in Glamour (June edition)!

    You might also try dry Face Brushing once per week.

    #3] Nourishing Oils are Great in Summer!

    Our Daily Body Oil includes anti-inflammatory qualities, healing qualities and lots of vitamins and minerals – great after a day in the sun or outdoors. Get your body glow on, too!

    Our Luxurious Oil for Face, Neck & Hands is fantastic!  It is a blend of 6 oils including Grapeseed Oil, Avocado and Noni…Yoga on beach barefoot with Daily body oil_B

    #4] Don’t Forget Your SPF30 While in the Sun!

    For summer skin to stay fresh and fabulous, you need to protect it from the sun.

    Take a look at our SPF30 Vitamin C Day cream in glass jar for home or tube for the beach!

    #5) Finally, Nourish and Pamper Summer Skin!

    Use a rich collagen anti-oxidant mask to put back moisture and skin balance while pulling out the grime – once a week works, but more is OK if your skin is taking a beating.

    Replenish collagen as you sleep with our Face Whisperer Night Cream – wake up for another great Summer Day!

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