It’s Here!  The New Sublime Sampler with 9 carefully chosen samples for you to test!

    Presenting the sublime sampler“We want you to be able to sample and test these products so you can decide if you would like to purchase a full-size bottle,” says Kathy Heshelow, founder of Sublime Beauty®.

    “There are so many choices out there but it is hard to spend your money on products, not knowing if you will like them or not. The sampler helps introduce you and gives you that test drive!”

    Heshelow says many of the loyal clients have been introducing Sublime Beauty to their friends, and some of them asked about samples. Sublime decided to put 9 together! The Sublime Sampler is found on Amazon here.

    The samples can work beautifully for travel-size on that weekend trip or getaway, or as a gift for a friend who loves skincare!

    Sample bottles are 3 ml and sample jars are 1/8th ounce. The samples are good for 4-5 applications, except the mask and cellulite (1-2)

    samples in front of box 2Found inside the box are:

    • COLLAGEN PEPTIDE SERUM with Matrixyl, a light serum to moisturize and boost collagen (bottle).
    • RETINOL SERUM WITH VITAMIN C for use at night to repair skin (jar)
    • HYALURONIC SERUM to plump and bring deep hydration and a glow (bottle)
    • GLYCOLIC SERUM to brighten skin, lightly exfoliate, minimize pores (bottle)
    • COLLAGEN ANTIOXIDANT MASK is spa quality and weekly or twice monthly treat to take skin to the next level (jar)
    • LUXURIOUS FACIAL OIL also improves well-being of hands and neck; 5 pure organic oils include Grapeseed, Avocado, Jojoba, Macadamia, Tamanu and Noni (bottle)
    • SPF 30 VITAMIN C DAY CREAM for sun protection and moisturization of skin. Vitamin C is a powerful ally and antioxdant as well (jar)
    • CELLULITE WHISPERER® LOTION. The 1-2 punch to reduce cellulite and improve skin quality (2 jars)

    The Sampler is also found on the Sublime Beauty webstore (free standard shipping, VIP Club and 100% money-back guarantee).

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