• Our Collagen Serum Helps Aging Skin with Powerful Peptide Matrixyl; Importance of Stepping Up Collagen Production

    hThere is no denying it – we lose collagen as we age, and this is a contributing factor to wrinkles, lines, sagging and thinning of skin.

    But we can counteract this by telling the skin to step up collagen production again!  One of the best ingredients for this action is Matrixyl, a peptide that has shown in scientific tests that it can double collagen production. Chemist Ian Hamley at Reading University conducted independent tests last year and published results.  Matrixyl works!

    Our Collagen Serum is a great product with Matrixyl, easy to use and blend with other products.  It is quite popular!  I love using it everyday myself!

    Our new Ageless line also has Matrixyl: the dermal filler Ageless Line Smoother is a favorite, and the Ageless Serum also includes Renovage, an amazing formulation from France that helps skin fight all signs of aging.

    A report about Collagen is available here.



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