• Phytoceramides Deliver More Radiant Skin: New Book Explains

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    Phytoceramides are a wonderful anti-aging tool to add to your daily routine. They deliver younger, more resilient and radiant skin.  How?

    A new book by the Sublime Beauty® founder, Kathy Heshelow, explains and demystifies Phytoceramides. It is available on Amazon now.

    “Ceramides are important for the healthy skin, and make up about 40% of younger skin,” says Kathy Heshelow. “They are responsible for moisture-retention, plumping and barrier protection. But ceramides diminish with age. Phytoceramides deliver back and replenish ceramides at the cellular level, naturally and safely.”

    Dermatologists and plastic surgeons say Phytoceramides are close to a “fountain of youth”.  When ceramides are repopulated in the skin and then “percolate up” to skin surface, you will observe and feel that skin:Phyto Tilts Head Bottle

    * retains moisture better and looks more radiant
    * becomes smoother and healthier, with less lines and wrinkles
    * steps up its natural barrier protection against environmental assault
    * becomes smoother with less photo-damage

    Phytoceramides are available at the Sublime Beauty® webstore or Amazon.

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