• The Collagen Peptide Serum a Great Anti-Aging Product!

    Presenting collagen serumOur Collagen Peptide Serum is the most popular of our serums at Sublime Beauty – and it is easy to know why!

    The serum is lightweight and clear, pleasant and refreshing – and it helps boost your Collagen levels with daily use!  The serum features Matrixyl, an incredible peptide that has the ability to double collagen production. And you know how important replacing collagen levels are!!!

    We unfortunately lose collagen each year and more dramatically as we age. Collagen makes up more than 70 percent of our skin and is responsible for “holding it together” for that youthful, firm and supple look. As aging occurs, skin is less able to generate collagen and it diminishes, which is a partial cause for sagging and wrinkles. iStock_000010586555Small relax at home

    It is estimated that by age 40, the body has lost 15 percent of collagen production and by age 60, it has lost 45 percent. By using our topical collagen serum, skin is supported and gains a more youthful look.

    The Journal of Molecular Pharmaceutics recently reported on tests. Chemist Ian Hamley of Reading University showed that Matrixyl doubled collagen levels. Sublime Beauty loves Matrixyl, which is found in our serum, our Night cream and soon to be in several other products in production!


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