• You Can Double Collagen Production with Matrixyl

    Presenting collagen serumLevels of collagen in the skin are key to a healthy, youthful look and quality.

    Collagen is lost each year as we age, and dramatically so from age 40 to 65.  Collagen helps keep the structure in place and plumped, and less collagen means more wrinkles, sagging and thinning skin.

    “Adding topical collagen is a very short fix, as it won’t last or ‘stick’. Encouraging collagen production is what is essential,” says Kathy Heshelow, founder of Sublime Beauty®.  “There are several ingredients that help collagen production, but the peptide Matrixyl stands out as it can double collagen production. Chemist Iam Hamley published these results recently.”

    Our Collagen Peptide Serum  focuses on Matrixyl to build collagen. It is a light serum that can be used twice daily along with day and night creams. Our Face Whisperer Night Cream also has Matrixyl to work for you while you sleep!

    Here is a full press release about Matrixyl.

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