• Collagen for a Fresher Face and Better Skin!

    Beauty resized panoramicThe key to less wrinkles, less sagging and fresher, younger looking skin is the level of collagen in the skin. Sublime Beauty® highlights why boosting collagen production is essential for anti-aging products.

    Collagen makes up 75% of our skin and is responsible for “holding it together” for that youthful, firm and supple look. As aging occurs, skin is less able to generate collagen and it diminishes, which is a contributing cause for sagging and wrinkles. It is estimated that by age 40, the body has lost 15 percent of collagen production and by age 60, it has lost 45 percent.

    What to do? Boosting and encouraging collagen production is at the heart of many anti-aging products. Sublime Beauty®, a company that focuses on healthy skin quality and anti-aging, offers products that work in tandem with a key element of boosting collagen production.


    • Retinol Serum. Retinol is the absolute tried-and-true anti-aging compound for more than 40 years with proven results. Retinol encourages and supports collagen by sloughing off old cells and encouraging new cell renewal and collagen. The Serum has 10% retinol as well as 5% Vitamin C, an important anti-oxidant.


    •   Day Cream. The Face Whisperer® Day cream contains Argireline®, known as the natural Botox® that relaxes wrinkles. Moisturizers include Aloe, Sweet Almond, Cucumber and Carrot Extract. Skin and collagen are nurtured.


    •   Night Cream. The amazing Matrixyl 3000 is again featured in the Face Whisperer® Night cream. Because collagen production can be boosted up to 50%, Subime Beauty® wanted a product to work on collagen during nightly sleep. In addition, Retinol is found in the night cream to help rejuvenation.

    Here is the full press release discussing collagen.

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