The Ageless Line Smoother with Hyacare Filler CL not only helps with lines and wrinkles, but it improves skin health.

    Ageless Line Smoother Heshelow Sublime Beauty

    Founder of Sublime Beauty, Kathy Heshelow, with the Ageless Line Smoother


    The serum includes ingredients similar to those found in dermal fillers, but it also includes the ‘natural botox’ Argireline to relax wrinkles plus the peptide Matrixyl to boost collagen!  Matrixyl can help skin health.  This serum works hard for you!

    Ageless LINE SMOOTHER white background


    Hyacare Filler CL was developed in Europe. It uses Hyaluronic acid and other ingredients that help to plump skin and lines.


    It is a light pinkish-clear serum that has the light scent of grapefruit (as seen above); it is soothing to the skin and easy to apply.  Let it absorb, then apply your moisturizer or makeup.  It can be applied over the entire face or you can focus just on the areas with lines and wrinkles.


    Clinical tests say it takes about 3 weeks to see the changes, as they occur deeper in the level of skin and work their way up. So don’t give up after a few days or a week!


    Find the Ageless Line Smoother at our webstore or on Amazon.


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