• Who Benefits from Glycolic Acid, and How?

    Anyone looking for a skincare creation that works wonders on both oily skin and aging skin should explore Glycolic Acid products. Glycolic Acid has been an ingredient in the highest grade skincare regimes for years because of its great results.

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    Being the smallest molecule in the Alpha Hydroxyl Acid group, Glycolic Acid can easily penetrate skin and do what it needs to do. This is one reason it is so effective.


    Glycolic Acid has the capability to clear up blemishes, reduce pore size (and keep the pores clean), minimize wrinkles and fine lines and even out discoloration or hyper-pigmentation. So, those with oily skin benefit, but those with aging skin (any skin type) can benefit, too. The differences are in the frequency used.

    Those with Oily Skin can use a Glycolic Serum, cleanser or other products on a daily basis. Those with aging skin can use a serum several times per week as a help and maintain tool. Anyone should see their dermatologist, medical spa or esthetician about a peel or other applications with higher levels of Glycolic Acid.
    Sublime Beauty offers a lovely Glycolic Serum. Oily-skinned girls love to use it daily to keep the breakouts away and pores clean. Those with aging skin love to use it once or twice a week to close pore size, lightly exfoliate and work to reduce lines and wrinkles. Plus the exfoliation brightens up tired skin!



    Happy middle age woman for Sublime BeautyGlycolic acid works by penetrating the sebum and bodily substances that hold cells together on the TOP layer of skin. In the process, dead skin cells and other debris are sloughed away revealing younger, healthier skin beneath. It is a kind of “exfoliation by serum”.
    Glycolic may be used in higher concentrations at spas or medical offices for facial skin peels, and at lower concentrations in over the counter products, often mixed with other products for moisturizers and cleansers.


    Facial peels with Glycolic Acid can be effective for drastic change but caution and care should be taken! The most effective and intense treatments must be done in a dermatologist clinic or office. These types of peels use 50% or higher glycolic acid. It is applied to the skin for only a few minutes before it is effective. There are some risks to using higher concentration Glycolic Acids, which is why we do recommend using it with a professional only.
    Someone who has never used it can be especially at risk if their first application is too high of a percentage. It can cause redness and irritation. Intense cases can result in a skin frosting, a discolored, flakiness of the skin which develops as a protective reaction. It can last for days or weeks. Picking at it can cause scars and hyperpigmentation. Certain medication and products like vitamin A (retinol) can also cause a negative reaction if used at the same time.


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    One final risk to be aware of is the increased sensitivity to the sun skin undergoes when using Glycolic Acid.
    Glycolic Acid can do wonders for the skin, especially for problems with oily skin and ask a tool for aging skin.



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