• Natural Techniques for Anti-Aging

    iStock_000015780600Older happy womanThe process of aging is a natural one but we can significantly reduce the process of aging skin with the proper prevention methods and relevant natural skin care techniques.

    Sun Damage. The first major factor in premature aging can be attributed to the sun.  The sun damage you might see on your face today could have started over thirty years ago. When it comes to sun damage prevention is much better than cure.

    Ways to prevent sun damage occurring are:

    Wear a high protection factor sunscreen every day on the face, neck and décolletage
    Wear a hat whenever you venture outside; even to hang out the washing .
    Wear make-up that contains sunscreen .
    Try to remain in the shade when possible

    “Free Radicals”. Free radicals are unstable molecules produced from sources like air pollution, radiation, and chemicals. They are also caused by bad diets high in fat and more. These free radicals can overrun your system and are now recognized to cause devastating health problems, such as heart disease and rheumatoid arthritis. They are a major concern in premature aging.

    Ways to prevent Free Radical damage are:dreamstimefree_189656 Carrots

    Increase your intake of antioxidants like Vitamin A and E .
    Eat a diet high in colorful fruits and vegetables .
    Reduce your use of chemicals in and around the home .
    Source natural skin care products that contain anti oxidants.

    Sublime Beauty® has an amazing Anti-Oxidant Mask that can be used once a week, and several of the skin products are rich in antioxidants. These include the Luxurious Facial Oil, Collagen Serum, Retinol Serum, Face Whisperer products and even our Cellulite Whisperer® products.

    Ways to prevent absorbing chemicals through the skin are:

    Use natural skin care products
    Scent the skin with essential oils
    Use only soaps made from plant oils and that contain herbal extracts, Aromatherapy oil blends and clays.

    Relaxing spa scene with body productsSkin Brushing and Exfoliation.  Skin Brushing and Exfoliation has been around for thousands of years as a natural way to remove dead skin cells from the surface of the body and prevent premature aging, revealing the fresh new skin cells beneath. Sublime Beauty is a big fan of Skin Brushing!  There are many benefits in addition to removing dead cells and encouraing fresh renewal. Circulation is stimulated as well as the lymphatic system, enabling toxins to be dislodged and removed. This is good for cellulite management, too. Skin Brushing brings a boost to the mood and spirits, and more. Read more in our Skin Brushing section.

    Sublime Beauty searched for the best Skin Brush, too – long handle, natural brush, easy to use!

    dreamstimefree_91867 water on blue backgroundDehydration. Dehydration is yet another factor in premature aging. Many people simply do not drink enough water to maintain a healthy system. Six to eight glasses of water a day is said to be what we should be drinking and that does not include soft drinks and coffee! They actually tax the system of moisture.

    Ways to ensure you drink enough water are:

    Always carry a bottle of water with you and drink it!
    Remember to hydrate after exercising or sweating – you may want to add electrolytes to your water to replenish properly.
    A good guide to calculating the right amount of water you should be drinking a day is to divide your weight by 8. This is the amount of 250ml glasses of water you should have per day to help prevent premature aging.


    Exercise.  Exercise is good for your body and helps with anti-aging. It gets your blood moving, can strengthen bones and muscles, and much more.  Exercise could be walking or biking everyday, a full blow workout several times per week, daily swimming, yoga, or any combination of things according to time and ability. The key point is to schedule time and move your body!


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