The new GLYCOLIC | SALICYLIC SERUM at Sublime Beauty® is a multi-tasking serum!

    glycolic serum at sublime beautyFor AGING SKIN, the Glycolic Serum is a wonder:  it lightly exfoliates old cells to reveal fresh new skin, it minimizes pores and it enlivens skin.  Use it 2-3 times per week.
    “I have normal yet aging skin with a little of the ‘T-Zone’,” says Kathy Heshelow, founder of Sublime Beauty® and in her late 50’s. “I love using it on my nose and chin several times per week to minimize the pore and control the little bits of oil in the T-Zone. And I use it all over once per week for a nice freshening of the skin.”
    For OILY SKIN, the Glycolic Serum is perfect for daily use. It controls oil, unclogs pores while minimizing them, gets rid of blemishes or keeps them away and lightly exfoliates.
    This is a special serum worth adding to the skin care selection, says Heshelow.  It is available on Amazon.com as well as the Sublime Webstore.
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