• Powerful and Simple Action for Better Health – Skin Brushing!

    Skin brushing is little known today and little used, but it is a powerful and healthy action for your daily routine – like brushing your teeth.h


    Dry skin brushing has been practiced through the ages by many cultures and countries.   What are the benefits and why should you dry brush your body?

    • Your skin is constantly renewing itself, and it needs help to remove those dead skin cells.  By skin brushing, you enhance the exfoliation to reveal a fresher, cleaner skin that can breathe, that will glow and that can function well.  Don’t forget, your skin your largest organ!
    • Skin brushing will increase your circulation and help blood flow.
    • Skin brushing will also help your lyphatic system, which doesn’t have a pump like the heart for your blood.  Your lymphatic system is very important for your immune system (among other things), and by helping the drainage and movement, you are helping your overall health.  The lymph nodes help the body shed toxins.
    • Dry brushing can help your digestion.
    • Skin brushing is a stress – buster!  It is a calming (yet invigorating) action that will help melt away your worries while supporting your body functions.

    What is the Correct Way to Skin Brush?

    Tip 1 – ALWAYS brush towards the heart.

    Tip 2 – Don’t brush so hard it hurts, but don’t go so light that there is no affect.  Your skin may turn lightly pink, and it should feel stimulated and happy.Portable Skin Brush from Sublime Beauty

    Tip 3 – Use a natural bristled brush (this one is portable and can everywhere with you, and comes in a pouch. The long-handled brush may or may not be available – hard to keep in stock!)  Sublime Beauty has selected just such a brush.

    Tip 4 – Typically start with your feet, work up your legs (front and back) in even mid-length strokes (not short little stacatto movements and not extremely long strokes.)

    travel skin brush and girlTip 5 – Spend a little extra time on rough areas (like elbows or heels) and on important lymph node areas of armpits and upper inner thighs.

    Tip 6 – Don’t brush your face; don’t brush any open sores; don’t share your brush with others.

    Tip 7 – Wash your brush every week or so with warm water and soap.

    Tip 8 – Drink lots of water after dry brushing.



    Start today – your skin will improve and your body will thank you!

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